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The current versions of DATAformXTension/Plugin. With your license number the DATAform Add-on will work as a full version.
You will receive your license code by e-mail within one or two business days.
The DATAformXTension developer handbook, may be downloaded as pdf file.
DATAform database interface for the clear reading and writing of text with DATAformTags in your database.
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Single DATAform Add-on, 1100 (Euro) We own a developer licence/volume agreement (learn more)
5 DATAform Add-ons, 960 (Euro) each
DATAform Add-on version for
For the QuarkXPress/InDesign serial number(s):
DATAform developer licence / DATAform volume agreement
If you plan to sell your product to a higher volume market or if a larger amount of DATAform Add-ons is required, you may purchase DATAform developer licence. The licence cuts DATAform Add-on rates by 50% and offers further discounts for bundles.

How can I purchase a volume agreement or a developer licence?
A convenient way is: Buy ten DATAform Add-ons at the regular rate of € 1100 (Euro) within two years. Afterwards you will pay € 550 (Euro) only for subsequent units, which means, starting with the 11th Add-on all rates are discounted by 50%.
Load DATAform Add-on price list for details.
Rates and taxes
For companies inside Germany all rates plus VAT = für deutsche Kunden zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.
For companies inside the European community with a value added tax identification number rates are quoted without VAT.
For companies outside the European community rates are quoted without VAT.

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