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Hint for DATAformPlugin users for InDesign
Since 2006 the DATAform technology has been available for InDesign as well.
The DATAformPlugin for InDesign implements a very similar set of functions and features like DATAformXTension does for QuarkXPress. Hence the DATAformXTension handbooks can also be applied to the DATAformPlugin for InDesign. A description of the remaining differences you may find here:

A brief introduction of DATAform Add-on.
How can I create complete QuarkXPress or InDesign documents automatically?
Can I create new documents, new boxes and later update them?
How does DATAform make a database and my layout program understand each other?
How does the bi-directional updating work?
Download DATAform Add-on booklet , 140 K, 4 pages.

DATAformXTension developer handbook (applies to InDesign as well)
The handbook explains all functions of DATAformXTension
for QuarkXPress MacOS and Windows:
- all 80 DATAformTags for defining the properties of boxes, frames and lines.
- all functional objects like "Create document" or "Save document"
- the message system for remote communication with QuarkXPress in the background
- the DATAform database interface

Download DATAformXTension handbook.pdf , ~1.8 MB, 158 pages.

DATAform Add-on version history / last changes

DATAformXTension version history