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nterface and 4D sample database

DATAform interface 11 for 4D v11 Unicode

The interface is suitable for
4D v11 in Unicode mode
DATAformXTension 6 to 8 for QuarkXPress 6 to 8 or higher and
DATAformPlugin 5 for InDesign 5 (CS3) or higher
each for MacOS and Windows.

For an installation guide referr to the 4D method "DX_information".

Download DATAform-interface:

DATAform interface 7 for 4D 2004

The interface makes implementing DATAform functions into your database simple.

The interface is suitable for
DATAformXTension 3 to 7 for QuarkXPress 3 to 7 and
DATAformPlugin 4 to 5 for InDesign 4 (CS2) to 5 (CS3)
each for MacOS and Windows.

All routines are supplied in two forms:

- as 4D insider document for 4D 2004 or higher by

- second as plain text file. The Pascal-like text can be used as a coding template or suggestion
for other databases or development systems than 4D.

To implement the interface in your 4D application just drag and drop all elements with
4D insider, please refer to DATAformXTension developer handbook page 87 f.

Download DATAform-interface 7:

For an installation and users guide please refer to DATAformXTension developer handbook.

DATAform interface 4D sample database

This sample 4D database demonstrates the reading and writing of a DATAformTags file as well as
the DATAform message interface for communicating with QuarkXPress in the background.

It shows you the basics of what you could perform with your own database after having implemented
the DATAform interface.

The sample database is an application of DATAform interface, facilitating the first step to your
database publishing solution. It is supplied in a compiled and a not compiled form for MacOS and
Windows 4D 2004 or higher.

What can I do with this database?
E.g. export a QuarkXPress document as a DATAformTags file (e.g. by the DATAformXTension
command "Export all") and import all boxes as records into the 4D database.

Then export the box records from the database as DATAformTags file and create the same QuarkXPress
document again. This sample supports all box properties of DATAformXTension except chained
text boxes and anchored boxes.

Download 4D sample database for MacOS and Windows:

What else do I need to get things running?

- The package does not contain DATAform Addon, you get it here

- The package does not contain DATAformXTension developer handbook, you get it here

- Furthermore you need 4D 2004 or higher (download a free 4D trial version)

Here you may dowload the older interface 5 and the sample database for 4D 6.7
Download DATAform interface 5 package for MacOS, ~1 MB
Download DATAform interface 5 package for Windows, ~1 MB