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We are a team of small companies (development, sales, PR) in Regensburg. Our main product is DATAform, our standard solution for database publishing for users and developers. For over 10 years we have been a trend setter in this prepress segment. In the German speaking countries we are one of the market leaders of complete solutions in this area. (S. DATAform in the German Press)

The close loop to our customers

The first DATAform version was developed 1989, for Aldus PageMaker at that time. When in 1990/91 the first version for QuarkXPress was released, the programme was mainly adapted to the needs of two customers. From these and many later customers we received various important suggestions and ideas. In the course of time DATAform became more and more complete and round. Today, after hundreds of catalogues and projects we may state, that 90% of all prepress tasks of this kind can be handled more rationally and efficiently with this tool. DATAform became the classic database publishing solution in the German speaking countries.

Tools for developers

1992 we decided to offer DATAformXTension - which first of all was developed for our own DATAform database - as a seperate product to other developers too. The DATAform developer kit came into beeing, a development tool for the bi-directional connection of QuarkXPress to any programmable database.


1996 we completely ported DATAform and DATAformXTension to Windows. Since that time it is easily possible to input, maintain and layout catalogue data on Mac OS or Windows and also in cross platform networks.

Since 1998 DATAform database possesses a scriptable import interface, a complete text and GIF export for the Internet and a build in ready to use Webserver for browsers like Netscape or Explorer.

Since 2001, with DATAform database 6.0, you may also edit articles via Internet/Intranet. A scriptable export editor allows the conversion of all contents to HTML, XML or other formats.

2005, DATAform 7 has been optimized for Mac OS X and Windows xp. It contains many new functions like new table formats or catalog specific enviroments.

2006 DATAformPlugin for InDesign has been released. The same DATAform technology now applies to QuarkXPress and InDesign.

International sales

In the year 2000 the English version of DATAform developer kit has been released. You may download English versions of DATAformXTension and get complete informations online:
English handbook, interface and sample database you may download here.


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