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DATAform Add-on
The complete bi-directional connection
between your database and QuarkXPress or InDesign

A DATAform Add-on is a XTension for QuarkXPress or a Plugin for InDesign to set up a complete bi-directional connection between your database and your layout program on MacOS or Windows.

A DATAform Add-on is a fully featured database publishing tool with these three main features:

1. Create QuarkXPress or InDesign documents

2. Export QuarkXPress or InDesign documents

3. Update QuarkXPress or InDesign documents

More about DATAform Add-on

DATAformXTension for QuarkXPress has been available since 1991.

In 2005/2006 the DATAform technology has been ported to DATAformPlugin for InDesign, shipping since June 2006. The same DATAformTags text can be used now for QuarkXPress as well as for InDesign.

DATAform is the classic solution of a complete database connection in Germany. It is running on many hundreds of QuarkXPress-versions.
In Germany thousands of catalogues, flyers and similar prepress products have been produced with DATAformXTension and QuarkXPress for many years.

During this development period DATAform Add-on has become a full featured solution covering almost every requirement. DATAform Add-on supports:
- all types of text, picture boxes and lines
- polygones, flipping, blending, angle, skew etc.
- chained text boxes
- anchored text and picture boxes
- remote control QuarkXPress or InDesign in the background.

More about DATAform Add-on